The Art of the Cut is a clear and concise introduction into many of the most important concepts in film editing. It reviews over 100 concepts related to the practice of editing and serves as an easy-to-understand and handy reference guide. It was written for filmmakers, editors, and those simply interested in movies. If you want to master the art of editing and learn the key principles quickly, then this book is the perfect resource to have.

The book has been well received by the filmmaking community and is becoming recognized as one of the best reference books on film editing.  As of August 2018, more than 2,500 copies have been sold worldwide.



The book's author, Greg Keast, is a writer/filmmaker/editor living in Hawaii. He holds a bachelor's degree in psychology, two master's degrees, and has over ten years of experience in filmmaking. In 2011, he helped start the Hawaii Film School and remains actively involved in teaching. He can be reached directly at admin@hifilmschool.com.